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Hebrew School

The Nezvesky School:  Welcome to the Adath Israel religious school community. The goals for our students are to build an association with their Judaic heritage and instill in them the value of lifelong learning.

Our education program extends from preschool through seventh grade.

In addition to being age-appropriate, our curriculum is developed to motivate students to ensure they thrive. We go beyond the textbooks ­­­­–- and support book knowledge with fun activities, social and community events that our families can engage in as well. By using this approach, we are creating a positive, relevant learning environment that brings students’ interests into their educational experience and enables them to develop a lasting interest in Judaism.

Please contact the office, for cost information.

Kindergarten through third grade:  This program creates a foundation of Jewish experiences with instruction in Hebrew, culture and Torah through crafts, songs, stories and in class observance of the holidays. The students are offered a special music program each week filled with laughter, clapping, singing and dancing. The Jewish values of Tikkun Olam (taking care of the world) and helping those in need through Tzedakah (charity) are introduced through helping others, sending cards and making gift baskets. We round out the program with art projects and crafts often associated with the holidays.

Fourth through seventh grade:  This program focuses on preparation for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Jewish living with courses in Hebrew, Jewish history, ritual, Torah, Israel and modern global politics. As the students reach the upper grades, we encourage class discussions on core Jewish values in an open and safe environment. We want our students to explore their own spiritual questions, convictions, curiosities and conflicts.

Please click here to sign your child up for Hebrew school classes – Grades K through 7.